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30 lbs lost in a month, 50 lbs total down!

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I’ve lost 50 lbs total!!
And 30 of those pounds were in February 2020 alone.
Ok start from the beginning… I hopped on the scale in September and weighed 280 lbs.. I was fed up, So, I started researching like a crazy woman, any and all science I could find about weight loss… any personal stories of people’s weight loss. I even considered making an appointment for bariatric surgery. I’m so glad I didn’t…
Research kept showing up about protein sparing modified fasting (which traditionally isn’t a fast at all, unless you do it OMAD style) and water fasting for people with a lot of weight to lose. Water fasting sounded way too hard so I intended on doing PSMF…. First I was going to research it more to do it safely.
In the Fall I found a gym I loved and started lifting weights and doing HIIT.
SO after I adjusted I started the PSMF. I did it for a month total, I lost 15 lbs the first 2 weeks, then 5 lbs the next 2 weeks…. With that diet, you have intended break times where you eat normally. Towards the end of the month I was getting weird heart palpitations… so I figured crap, that’s probably not going to work for me to return to…. I’ll try to do a moderate way of getting the weight off. I took my PSMF diet break and didn’t go back.
Kept up with my exercise and making good food choices overall. Hydrating, plenty of protein and veggies, and doing my best to keep carbohydrates and calories within reason. I did this from October through the end of December (3 full months) and didn’t drop a single pound more.
I worked out during that time really hard 3-6 days a week, and then most days played physically with my kids, or walked, or hiked, or spin bike… I was really active.
The scale didn’t budge….. but I had kept the rapidly lost 20 lbs off, so that felt amazing. And I built up confidence in my ability to stay consistent, and my ability to do hard things.
But, I wanted to lose the weight for good, and so fasting kept popping up in my head and in my life….
I have always believed in the health benefits of fasting, from the time I was young…. And for health reasons, not weight loss reasons, a handful of times in my young adult life I had tried to fast, and around 36 hours I would wake with such a horrible headache and weakness, that I thought I was dyeing. So I assumed I was incapable of fasting.
But, I kept researching it, and reading or listing to people’s stories of losing the weight for good, and healing their bodies.
I figured since I hadn’t been losing weight eating well and exercising, that something was going on hormonally… and fasting has a lot of hormonal benefits.
So in December, I randomly started trying a fast here and there, in January I did the same… a fast, a little longer one, a little longer one…. And my confidence grew. I knew I could actually do it. I did a 72 hour, and that was HARD the first time… but I learned a lot.
I listened to videos about fasting while I was driving to and from work and while laying in bed at night I would read any article I could get my hands on…
I jumped in, on feb 1st and 2nd I weighed myself, 261 lbs…. I think I did OMAD that first day or two, to adapt, and feb 4th was my middle son’s bday, so I ate 2 meals, and had a little alcohol and a small amount of cake…. That night I jumped into my 2nd ever 72 hour fast. It was a lot easier than the first one I did. AND I had already cut my eating down the few days prior to get into the rythym.
My refeed meal was amazing, I ate whatever I wanted within an hour, didn’t overeat… but definitely ate to satiety. And made sure I took all the vitamins and fish oil, herbal supplements, everything I thought my body needed.
Then I jumped right back into another 72 hour fast.
I time my hard workouts so they landed right before refeeds. So when I would break down muscle, my body would have protein to build it back up.
So, what I’ve been doing is rolling fasts, this month there was probablt only 4-5 days where I ate more than once in a single day. Mostly electrolyte water fasts, but I’ve tried plain water… I don’t feel great on plain water fasts, I get headaches.

I’m exercising, but minimally, only hard 1-2 days per week, and really gentle exercise 3-5 days per week. Gentle exercise has been spin bike, jumping on our mini trampoline, or walking.
When I dry fast I’ve been trying to go to the sauna for an hour.
I try every day to do intense deep breathing exercises, but I haven’t every day.

So, what now?
My original goal was to break 200 lbs by my 33rd bday… that would be 30 more lbs lost this month.
Please like this video and subscribe if you want to watch me lose the last 50!

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