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#spirituality #subliminal #meditation

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My eyebrows have a perfect shape and density
I have small and thin eyebrows
I have short eyebrow hairs
I have thin and small brow bones
I have short eyebrows
I have light eyebrow hair
I have extremely light blue eyes instantly
I have beautiful eyes
I have a small and proportional brow bone
My eyes fit with my face
I have a feminine jawline
I have a Sharp jaw
My jawline is well defined in every position
I have a virtual jaw reduction surgery
I have a contoured lower jaw
My lower jaw, my mandible, my jawline and my jaw has a v shape
I have an invisible tape from my jaw to my ear giving the appearance of a v shaped jaw
The lower bone of my face has been reduced to be a perfect v jaw
I have a Virtual lymphatic drainage face massager
I manifest easily all necessary face massagers
I have a jade roller massager for increasing my blood circulation
I have an extremely small thin and narrow face
I have an extremely small thin and narrow skull
my jaw, my jawline, my mandible, my chin, my lower jaw and my jaw bones are small, thin and narrow
my head, my back head and my forehead are small thin and narrow
I have a proportional face
I have a proportional skull
I have a sculpting tool face massager

I have facial contours defined

I have a face lift
I have a face lifting roller massager
I'm free of my double chin
I have a symmetrical face
I have symmetrical skull
I have small and thin facial cartilage
I have a small and thin facial maxilla
I have small and thin face bones
I get small and thin facial traits
I'm immune to swelling in face
I reduce zygomatic bones
I have extremely small ,slim and narrow cheekbones
I have high cheekbone
I have hallow cheeks
my cheek and my jaw are chiselled
I'M free of chubby cheek
I'm free of all fat in my check
I have a lower hairline and round hairline
my neck and my nape of the neck are small, thin and narrow
I have an extremely defined neck
my neck perfectly fits with my jaw and my face
I have a short neck like I want
I burn all fat in my neck
I have an extremely small and thin shoulders
I have proportional shoulder my shoulder Fit with my neck and my body
I have a perfect body
my face stay young forever
I have an extremely firm and tight skin on my face
I have an extremely clear skin and an angel skin
I'm free of all wrinkles , pimples, black heads and white heads in my face forever
I have a golden ratio face and a angel skull
I have a divine profile
my face perfectly fallow the rule of thirds
I have a face length of 15 cm
my face , my head, my forehead my chin my jaw my middle face my lower face my phillatrum and my nose are short
I have a perfect button nose
I have an extremely small , slim and thin pillatrum
I have a defined gonial angle
I'm free of dark circle forever
my facial structure and my facial features are extremely small and thin right now
I have facial structure and facial features of a goddess
my facial structure and my facial features are proportional
my facial features and my facial structure are symmetrical
my facial structure and my facials features fit with my face
My eyes have an ideal depth , distance and position in my face
I have an attractive maxilla and a perfectly positioned maxilla
I have an perfectly projected forward
I have perfect facial projection
my facial bones, my facial muscle , my facial cartilage, my facial structure , my facial bones and my facial maxilla instantly change to divine facial projection
I have small ears fit with my head
I'm free all excess skin
I Burn all face fat

I have safe results

Q. What are Binaural Beats?
"Binaural Beats" occur when one sound frequency is played in one ear, and another sound frequency is played in the other ear, creating a bi-tonal effect within the mid-brain that is perceived to be a single tone. This produces an "Entrainment" effect that has a variety of results on the brain depending on the frequency used.

Q. Do Binaural Beats Work?

Indeed. Many scientific studies (especially as of late) have conclusive research on Brainwave Entrainment and it's effects.

Q. Must I wear headphones?

You don't have to use headphones, but the Binaural effect works better if you do.

Q. Do I need to close my eyes while listening to this?

No, although you'll find closing your eyes will generally lead to a deeper, more profound state while listening.bit annoying at first, or you’re like Troi and find sound therapy relaxing immediately.

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